A Great Year for Knitting!

2015 has been a lot of things, many good, a few sad, but it has been a fabulous knitting year!  I knit 13.1 miles this year – the highest total in the past 5 years.  Many of these projects are gifts or charity projects, while a few remain here for family.

IMG_5512 IMG_5527 IMG_5590 IMG_5644 IMG_5904 IMG_5916 IMG_5994 IMG_6003 IMG_6010 IMG_6032 IMG_6047 IMG_6048 IMG_6049 IMG_6050 IMG_6093 IMG_6095 IMG_6096 IMG_6228 IMG_6865 IMG_6868 IMG_6871 IMG_6890 IMG_6891 IMG_6912 Edited IMG_6917 IMG_6970 IMG_6973 IMG_7015 IMG_7019 IMG_7032 IMG_7062 IMG_7070 IMG_7095 IMG_7102 IMG_7108 IMG_7113 IMG_7121

Happy New Year to all of you!  May your needles – knitting or otherwise – be busy this coming year!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. MrsKirstyHoll
    Dec 31, 2015 @ 12:21:43

    Fantastic knits! Happy new year


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