Do you Etsy?

I stumbled across a reference to Etsy a while back in someone’s blog, and could not resist Googling to find out what I was missing.  Well…… what I discovered is a yarn lover’s heaven!  Since I am happy to enable, here is the link:

 Etsy is a site for buying and selling handmade items – everything from art to yarn and back again.  After much oohing and ahhing, I had to take the plunge.  I bought this delicious looking wool & silk lace weight in Fresh Lavender from Yarn Chef:
Along with wonderful and quick service, Katy included a lovely recipe and a beaded stitch marker!

And this amazing lace weight came from Knitspirations:

I simply adore that rich blue purple cabernet color – this is a Blue Faced Leiceister wool. 

My fingers are itching to start with either of these yarns, but I am being good!  I am working away on finishing the second of a pair of socks – pics next post, I promise, and getting caught up on finishing work too.  I will be starting a pair of felted clogs soon (an anniversary gift for my darling DH), and must get back to the knit on border for my cherry leaf shawl.  There simply are not enough hours in the day – lol.


A Quiet Moment

August was a very busy month!  Between travelling to Kimberley to visit family and friends, then on to Calgary for a hectic weekend of Calaway Park, shopping and the zoo, then home again to try to rescue the garden and yard from the heat, painting and updating our son’s room, and then the worry over our daughter having 3 molars removed under general anaesthetic this past week…… it has been non-stop go go go.  Whew – no wonder I am ready to sit still this afternoon while the kids are back in school, sort out my email, and finally get back to my blog. 

 Yes, the garden did survive – we have zucchini and tomatoes to pick.  This year we tried cherry tomatoes and I found a variety that is so sweet it is like eating candy!!  Lovely little orange cherry tomato called sunsugar.  We will definately plant these again next year!

Darling daughter did amazingly well with her dental surgery – she came through with no complications whatsoever.  After two days of laying about being pampered with pudding and jello and ice cream, she has bounced up and is now eating real food and has her energy back!  Ahhhh, to have the resilience of an 8 year old! 

 The kids go to different schools this year as our son moves on to middle school.  He is ready……. no anxiety whatsoever.  I wish I could say the same – I have enjoyed the atmosphere at our elementary school where I know everyone!  I am sure, tho, that everything will work out well.

 On to handiwork!  I have finished the body of the lovely cherry leaf shawl – it is just a shoulder shawl, rather than a full length body shawl, and is simply lovely.  I must start the edging tonight – I am so looking forward to having this one done so I can start another – LOL.  It never ends 🙂  Pics in a day or so I think, once I find where I plugged in the battery recharger. 

 I did finish knitting a hobo style bag for our daughter’s tae kwon do sparring gear:

The bag was knit with two strands Bouquet Spindlecraft Paisley acrylic and one strand Yarn Bee Featherwisp nylon on 5.5 mm needles.  And yes, it does stretch!

 More later – I have to go have  a cup of tea and enjoy this quiet house!