On the Stash Wagon

There comes a point when the argument that the stash provides insulation for the house is no longer reasonable.  There comes a time when one realizes that there are so many wonderful projects already kitted and ready to go – stitching, knitting, weaving, painting, quilting – that it makes no sense to purchase new projects.  I have had stash beyond my life expectancy for many years now…. and so, it is with a certain amount of relief that I have decided that 2009 is the year to stop the madness!  Well, let’s not get carried away!  Maybe 2009 is the year to be a whole lot more concious of what already exists, and appreciate it.

So I have decided that I will not be making spur of the moment, take advantage of that great sale, retail therapy or the oh why not type, stash purchases this year.  It is the online allure that really kills my conscious control.  So the critical words here are online purchases – my rules say I can trade for goodies that I feel I realllllly need.  I can trade stash, time, finishing work…. you name it.  And if I cannot trade for the 2009 JCS ornament issue, that one I can buy.  Oh… and if I see some lovely rescue yarn that can be used for charity knitting…. then I might indulge.  Just to keep things interesting, I have added a widget to the right with my monthly purchase totals.  I am hoping that it will be under $100 at the end of this year.  Wish me luck!