WIP to UFO to FO – Oakhaven Owl SAL 2011

When last we saw the Owl SAL piece, I had stalled after stitching the June installment.  Somehow changing that hat to a Canadian version was just impossible at that time.  So it languished at this stage:

Then came the year of the WIPapocalypse, and I decided it had to get finished.  So here are:

July complete with Canadian hat

August and I backstitched his eyes in white so I could see them

September I absolutely love these leaves!

October I am enchanted by the bat and the moon


and yes, December!!

Another UFO bites the dust! 

I did double stitch the border between each owl, as the single strand got lost in the fabric color.  Now to find the perfect finish.  Thanks so much to Tonia at Oakhaven Designs!  I do think that January and October are my faves, but August is rather quirky, and I like him too!