Late Spring Flowers

after all the rain in May and early June, the flowers are finally beginning to bloom!  Have a peek!


and these are from the wildflower meadow in the front yard

         The grasses here are easily 3 feet tall.

And finally, as promised, here is the Fernlace scarf after blocking!  I just love the colours in this one 🙂


I am busy knitting on my Cleopatra socks from the Blue Moon Socks that Rock club – hope to have more than a toe to show you soon!

The Days Fly By!

It is that time of year when I spend as much time as I can out in the yard…. our winters are so long that I have to make the most of our summer!  And then the kids are busy with year end exams and field trips…. there is no end to the things that need doing. 

I have been busy with stitching for gifts and exchanges, so those finishes will have to wait a bit til I can show them off.  I do enjoy working on projects for other favourite people – it gives me time to think of that person and how important their friendships is.

I have been busy with some knitting …

 I had the urge to do some scarves……

 and these are toddler socks and a wee ornament sock knit from the remnants of my Lucky yarn from Socks that Rock….

 and this is a fern lace scarf knit from this pattern –  from a single ball of Whispers yarn that Jodi sent along to me.  I knit on my lovely new 4.5 mm Lantern Moon needles that my friend Cindy brought me!  The scarf is soaking as I type, and will be ready to block out this evening.

I have been stitching too:

  This is the last block in Part A of the Chatelaine Waterlily Pond Quilt – ignore the blue fabric as it really is white linen!  I am afraid that my block for May did not get stitched, but I will start on it this coming week. 

  and this is one of the ornaments I stitched for June.  I had a Prairie Schooler ornament month – this is the Cabin Pinkeep from the 2002 Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine.  I stitched a second PS ornie, but it is leaving tomorrow for a Christmas in July exchange.

And…. I did some finishing work for Jodi:

    aren’t these pretty?

 Summer flower pics will be uploaded soon 🙂


Ackworth Quaker Friendship Book

I have had the pleasure of doing the finishing of an Ackworth Quaker Friendship book this past month.  Nine ladies from around the globe completed this project as an RR.  We stitched the front and back pages on our own books, and then stitched a page for each of the other ladies.  In the rotation, we stitched each page once, but stitched a different page each time.  The pages are put together to form a book, and two pages together make a pocket.  Each stitcher signed a note with her name, city, and the dates she worked on the page, and these notes can be inserted into the pockets.   I am still working on finishing my own book, but it gives me great joy to present Mo’s book to you:


Mo’s book was stitched on a 32 ct creamy linen, using Dragon Floss in a lovely colour called Impulse!  The chart was designed by Ellen Chester of With My Needle – you can check out her website here:

 Thank you Mo for having me finish this for you!