I’m off!

We just returned from an overnight trip to Calgary – DH had a business meeting so we tagged along.  The kids don’t like to pass up a night in a hotel with a pool and waterslide! 

 The highlight for me was stopping in at Shuttleworks http://www.shuttleworks.com/  on the way to Calgary.  The store carries an unbelieveable selection of looms, spindles, and some gorgeous yarns!  I bought this book http://www.amazon.com/Victorian-Lace-Today-Jane-Sowerby/dp/1933064072  and cannot wait to get started on some of the gorgeous shawls!

 We spent an afternoon at Chinook Mall – DD made herself a husky dog at Build a Bear – DH helped her – while DS and I hit EB Games and then Chapters. 

 We came home yesterday to glorious sunshine and found the daffodils had opened, the trees had leafed, and everything had gone green overnight.  Amazing what a little heat will do!

 I leave at 4 for Victoria, and will update on the trip when I return!  Enjoy your week – I certainly know I will enjoy mine 🙂


I’ve been busy

This week doing finishing work for a couple of lovely stitchers.  There is something magical about this relationship – people I have never actually met send me the product of hours of their work, and trust that I will turn it into something they really like!  Cheryl M’s beautiful pieces Renee H’s lovely ornamentsThe first pic is of pieces that Cheryl M stitched – and the second is a batch of ornaments for Renee H.  I love seeing what other stitchers stitch – and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to turn the stitched pieces into lovely works of art!  So far, everyone has been happy.  They send me more to finish, and refer me to their friends.  What more could I want?

 I have been working away on the Waterlily quilt too and have now finished up one border section.  I am stitching on 32 ct ant. white belfast, and am using Needle Necessities.  I like how it is turning out, and am looking forward to starting my first square tonight.

Waterlily quilt border I have also been knitting away on the shawl for my mother, and getting ready for a trip to Victoria BC to see a very dear friend.  I cannot believe it has been almost 5 years since we were together!  I am looking forward to talking, having tea, talking, walking to the shoreline, talking, shopping, talking, eating……. well, you get the idea!  Just 5 more sleeps 🙂


Birthdays are amazing times!  Since having cancer 3 years ago, I have really come to appreciate birthdays.  What a wonderful way to mark the passage of another year filled with living!  And this past year has been a good one – the kids have amazed me with their physical and intellectual growth, we have started decorating the house in a way that reflects who we are, I have spent time working on my physical fitness, and I have a great DH (you truly are great Dan!).  I have enjoyed the company of kith and kin, and many online friends. 

  I received lots of wonderful thoughtful presents this year! We had a delicious supper out at a local pizza place that we had not tried before.  I had the most amazing spinach and feta calzone.  When we came home there was a wonderful cake that DH and the kids had specially made at Crazy Cakes!  DH and the kids gave me A Gathering of Lace (which has so many gorgeous shawl patterns I don’t know which to start first),  the new Tolkein book, gorgeous purple laceweight yarn from Uruguay, and a Waterlily silk in Antique Rose!
gfits from family

I also belong to a birthday exchange within a Yahoo group – and I received some amazing gifts!  This package arrived from Patti – she sent some Blue Moon Socks That Rock sock yarn and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot wait to try it on the wood sock needles she sent – and look at that sock pattern!  Wow!  Patti also stitched a beautiful scissors keep and included the blue scissors – and I do love blue 🙂  Add in some rubber ends for knitting needles and I am just tickled pink!  Patti and I had been talking about the Blue Moon yarns earlier this year and I am so happy to have a skein in hand!!  Thanks Patti 🙂
prezzies from Patti

And this amazing package came from Britt!  I absolutely adore the needlecase – and the heart and  flower pins and scissors that she included!  Britt sent along two charts with loads of hearts that I cannot wait to stitch, loads of lovely Zweigart belfast linens, a stitcher’s note pad and cards.  I think I have been truly spoiled.  Thanks so much Britt!
prezzies from Britt

I had the pleasure of talking with my good friend Cindy, my mom and one of my brother’s yesterday as well, and had many emails.  What more could anyone want than to be remembered and thought of on their birthday!  Thanks again everyone!

My new home

welcome to my new space!  Let’s see if I can get this to work over the next few days 🙂

Felted Slippers and New Starts

In between all the visiting and travelling of last week, I knit one gigantic pair of wool ankle socks, which I promptly turned into felted slippers for my DH when we returned home. Wish I had taken a ‘before’ pic, as these things were truly huge – at least 18 inches long – before I threw them into the washer! 45 minutes later and voila – slippers! Felting is something new to me – at least, intentional felting is something new to me – and I am always delighted and surprised when it actually turns out 🙂

My hands felt empty after finishing up with knitting my shawl, so I dug through my stash and found this yarn to knit this shawl for my mom. The shawl is in Knitters Spring 2001 – one of my thrift store mag finds! I am now finished 2 pattern repeats and I like the way the yarn is coming up color-wise! I hope to do a pattern repeat a day until it is finished. The yarn is a wool & acrylic blend that should block out well.

I have also begun another large stitching project – Waterlily Pond by Chatelaine Designs. I originally signed up for the online class back in 2004 but did little other than collect the patterns. I am stitching it all on one piece, using the border provided. Hopefully, by next year, my finished piece will look like this beautiful piece stitched by Debbie:

We are back!

and we had a delightful time visiting my mom and my family in BC. We went to Kimberley – just a four hour drive from Lethbridge, and well worth the visit: http://www.city.kimberley.bc.ca/siteengine/activepage.asp?bhcp=1

We shopped in the Platzl – where I found a trove of knitting and cross-stitch magazines at one of the local thrift stores, and bought a bag full of Jo Sonja paints for a great price at a local shop….
we had a lovely visit and colored easter eggs at my brother and sil’s home….
we went to Fort Steele – http://www.fortsteele.ca/ for Easter Sunday, and the kids had a blast searching for easter eggs in the straw, going on a wagon ride, and walking around this amazing little town in gorgeous sunshine…
and we enjoyed visiting with my mom and her dog Midnight – lots of good walks, long talks, and knitting in the evenings 🙂
Speaking of knitting – I finished my shawl and just spent an hour on my knees blocking it out on the basement floor. I am so tickled to have this one done – this is Alita by Herbert Niebling, with an added Lover’s Knot edging, knit with an old Bernat yarn called Kabuki – which feels like cotton but is silk and acrylic. It is about 60 inches in diameter – maybe a wee bit more. On the final rounds, I had 840 stitches, and I knit 1680 rows of the edging! I had just a half ball left – which sure beats needing a half ball and never being able to find it 🙂 So here it is
before washing and blocking —– and after


well, I did manage to finish something off before we leave on Friday! This little beauty is the Peacock Chair by The Cats Whiskers Designs. It came together rather nicely today and I could not be more pleased 🙂 Rather than gluing all the pieces together as per the instructions, I sewed the arm rolls, chair sides and chair back onto the seat/drawer/base unit. It gave a tighter, tidier finish that I preferred to glue.

For those who need to know, I stitched on miracle mint belfast with Daydreams and Wild Lavender Dinky Dyes silks. I also changed the feet, as I wanted to paint them to match the fabric.

Janie from The Cats Whiskers has asked if she can put my email address on her site as a N. American finisher – hmmmm. I did agree to finish future projects for her, and will have to think about the other . I have already had a number of inquiries from my online stitching friends – in fact, I think I will probably be making up a whole living room full of lovely chairs! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next in this line!

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