Prairie Schooler Autumn Winds

Wow – two posts in one week!  A new record!

I just want to show off the needlecase I just finished – this is my adaptation Prairie Schooler’s Autumn Winds sampler:

The leaf is a large charm that I sewed onto the needlebook.  I simply tied the cording around the leaf and the handle of the scissors.  I am itching to adapt the other 3 samplers in this series, but I think I will have to wait til the New Year, after the Christmas rush of finishing and painting and baking and ….. well, you know, everything that needs doing!


So many things….

In between Canadian Thanksgiving in October, and US Thanksgiving later this month, I have realized how many things we have to be truly thankful for. 

~  My 15 yo niece who has spent the past 6 weeks in the Children’s Hospital in Calgary with a particularly nasty case of acute pancreatitis is on her way home today or tomorrow.  She had all of us, including the doctors who treated her, quite worried those first couple of weeks.  She will miss the rest of this year at school as she recovers further at home, but that is a small price to pay for one’s health.

~ We have two new fur people in our home…. Kelsey is a 2 yo old calico and Charming is an 18 month old marmalade tom cat!  They have been with us for 10 days now and have adapted amazingly well.  Here they are:

115_1544  I had almost forgotten how soothing it is to have a cat purring in your lap.  And now, sometimes, I have two!!  The kids have enjoyed them immensely – with two cats and two kids, there is no need to take turns to play with them.

~ Thanks too to the nice person from Freecycle who chose us to receive the cat tree they had no use for –   115_1551_r1  Look at how much these two enjoy it: 115_1550_r11

~ I am also thankful that I have my stitching mojo back – I have not stitched much since early summer and have missed it, but lacked the oooomph to pick anything up.  The autumn colors outside inspired me to start this piece: 115_1549  This is Autumn Winds by Prairie Schooler, stitched on 30 ct muffin glenshee linen using Crescent Colors floss.  I have laid it out to make a needlecase, and am tickled with how it turned out.

~ and, finally, I am thankful for my friends both local and afar, for my family and our good health, for our financial security in these unsettling times, and for my DH, who goes along with crazy ideas like adopting two rescue cats instead of one, and who is not only understanding but supportive of my knitting and stitching obsessions!