Hurray for a cool down!

Aug and Sept to date have been long hot months, but that is no surprise to most of you in the US and Western Canada.  So I can now say Hurray for a warm ‘seasonal’ temperature day!  With the kids back in school and the yardwork mostly caught up, I finally have time to sit and write!

How about a quick knitting update?  This summer was a productive one – have a peek:

  These are Twisted Socks by Jodie Lucas, and I love both the cross over a the toe and the fit!  The yarn was gorgeous too – a merino superwash from Rocketyarn on Etsy.

This beauty is Cobble by Kitman Figeuroa done in Austermann Step sock yarn.  Can you see the yarn floats in the closeup of the edge?  Perfect for our fall weather to come!

There were more socks for my DH and a pair of felted clogs for my brother – quick projects!

This cape is from Susan Pandorf.  She is doing a series based on The Lord of the Rings – and this is Lothlorien!  Lots of twisty cabled goodness here – all from a $3 cone of wool I found at a thrift store.  I love the frog closures!

For a change of pace, I spent a weekend knitting this beret or slouch hat – Day’s Eye Hat by Kristen Cordozo, knit with a Briggs and Little wool.

and these gorgeous socks are from Luise O’Neill of Sputh Mountain Naturally  Her charts and directions are meticulously written and a real pleasure to knit – I will be doing more of her designs in the future.  The Whitney Pier socks were knit with a merino superwash from Amazing Grace Farms on Etsy!

So how was that for a hot summer’s knitting?