Another Found Treasure

This one came to me via Freecycle – which is a fabulous initiative if you are looking for great deals, or if you are clearing out things of your own that other people might want.  And I do mean great deals – nothing beats free goodies saved form the landfill!!  If you have not checked out Freecycle in your neighbourhood, it is certainly worth the time to Google it.

 My new bookcase/curio cabinet started out its life like this:china-cabinet.jpg  A friend with a truck helped me haul it home.  While the top was wood, the bottom was particle board and veneer, weighed a ton, and had the plasticy heavily sculpted doors that I am not fond of.  I did salvage some trim, a wooden plank, and a lovely drawer from the base. 

 We then turned the top half upside down, reinforced the new bottom so it was not sitting on just the decorative trim, and removed the light.  I stained and varathaned the new top, then added the trim I salvaged, and a bit of baseboard I had in the house to finish off the edges.  A few hours of glass cleaning later, and some collecting and arranging of goodies from around the house, we achieved this: 112_1289_r11.jpg

Yes, I know the pictures are now too low – we will move them up a bit after we paint the living room. What do you think??  My DD asked when she could go shopping 🙂

February Wrap Up – and a bit of March too!

112_1287.jpg  Many many thanks to Jodi for this lovely exchange package!  I love how cheerful the scissors and beaded fob are – makes me think of spring!!  Jodi made the beaded fob to match the scissors and stitched me the pieces for the fob in blue too!  She included extra fabric and thread and beads for me to make either a biscornu or needlebook in the same pattern.  I think I was royally spoiled 🙂

02-waterlily-quilt-b.jpg Chatelaine’s Waterlily Pond Quilt Part A, block 2 is done!  Altho I dearly love how this looks, I am not happy about my working set up.  I have had this piece in my largest set of q-snaps, which has meant I have had to change the height of my Lowery stand so that the piece can turn and still clear my lap.  Unfortunately, this has meant my stitching hand is about 3 inches higher than my comfort level, so for the past two months the right side of my back has been screaming at me – OUCH!!  I finally put the two together at my last massage …… and so will have to find another way to do this.  I think a ‘shallower’ setup with the q-snaps is definately in order.

112_12753.jpg  I finished this lovely wallhanging for Jodi – she stitched it for our good online friend Manu’s birthday gift.  Isn’t it gorgeous??  Jodi put the motifs in the sampler together herself and did a marvelous job.

 Many thanks to Pauline for giving me a You Make My Day award!  It is much appreciated 🙂