And the winner is ……

for post # 150…….

” Dan

Just beautiful. You are amzaing with some of the work.”

I will be in touch by email to sort out the contest prize!  Congratulations – and thanks for all the comments everyone.  It has been a delight to find some new blogs to visit 🙂


BRRRRR….. and other Random Tuesday things

It is very cold again today …. -38 C this morning which is close to 40 below for you Farenheit types. Too darn cold to be running errands outside, altho I did get groceries after dropping DD at school and DH at work! It was even worse yesterday….. -46 with the wind chill!

I have spent this morning doing the never ending laundry, and catching up on housekeeping of a different sort. I downloaded and saved to disc all my webshots photos – heaven help I let my subscription lapse and lose all those photos! Over the weekend I burned all my photos from our computer to disc as well – ain’t technology grand?

So here are the odds and ends and bits and pieces that I found as I was tidying up!

2894871430035263339.jpg This is the Needle Guardian by TW Designworks – I stitched and finished this one late last year for my good online friend Jodi.  I am definately going to have to do this one for me sometime this year!

112_1250_r1.jpg  This lovely stocking belongs to Diane F – she was a model stitcher for Dimensions at one time and sent me this one to finish late last December.  I love the vibrant jewel colours.

112_1259.jpg  I was busy knitting early in January and made this little set for DH’s grand niece who was born in November.  The little shrug was a freebie pattern from somewhere on the net.  Now I just need to package it up and send it out!

112_1260.jpg  013-waterlily-quilt-a1.jpg  Before and after pics of my Chatelaine Waterlily Pond Quilt.  I stitched the border sometime last year, and just finished up this first block this past week.  Do you think I can possibly stitch a block a month and finish it this year???  I am hoping so – altho my yahoo friends keep distracting me with other lovely bits to stitch – you know who you are Rachel!!  LOL.

WIP (Work in Progress) Pics

112_1256.jpg I have finished my week’s worth of stitching on Giggles in the Snow and I love how it is working so far!  What a cutie!  It will be hard to put it away today and pull out the next project in the rotation …. but I can look forward to seeing it again in February.  I think I am going to have to do these Snow Angels again for myself!

112_1257.jpg  I cast on for a rectangular shawl this past week – using Melody from Jojoland on 2 3/4 mm needles.  I have not used this yarn before but am very pleased with both the texture as it knits and the color – which of course is nearly impossible to capture on film.  The sunlight brings out the purples but there is a lot of green in here too …..  see

112_12581.jpg   hmmm…. maybe you can’t see it no matter what I do.  Ah well.  I am using the Woodland Shawl pattern that you can find here:

and I plan to add a knit on lacey border too!

 The Comments contest proceeds – keep going and it won’t be long!  I have enjoyed reading the comments from all the new readers, and from my regular readers too!  If you are interested in entering other knitting type contests, check out this blog to keep up to date:      Who knows, you might even win something, and you will find some good reading too.

January Goals, and a contest

I have been thinking of setting stitching goals – it seems a logical thing to do in January.  While I have set goals on various Yahoo groups before, somehow this seems much more public, and, well….. binding.  LOL – and that makes it more intimidating.   I don’t mind failing to meet my goals in near anonymity, but to have anyone who wants to read my blog know about my shortcomings….that is a whole ‘nuther thing!

 Having typed all that, I am still going to do it.  I have added a text box outlining some of the stitching I hope to accomplish this year.  Some of these – like the ornament a month, are old familiar habits.  I think I have stitched an ornie a month for the past 5 or 6 years – first as SALs on Chartswappers, and later, just because I enjoy doing ornaments.  I hope to stitch a small a month too – altho that may fall down this month given that the small I have chosen has a heck of a lot of stitching in it!  I have a very special project to complete for a very dear friend – she is finding her eyes are no longer up to stitching on linen, so I am taking over Mirabilia’s Giggles in the Snow for her.  I look forward to stitching the two angels and remembering all the lovely times we have had together.  Finally, my other monthly commitment is to stitch a block a month on Chatelaine’s waterlily quilt.  I started a block last year and it got put aside when other things came up – namely knitting!

 I have also added some Prairie Schooler designs to my list – I have wanted to stitch these since they were published and have the materials gathered.  2008 is the year to do them!

 Starting in March, I am coordinating a SAL with the Twisted Oaks Designs Honor Thy Needle pyramid etui.  Another gorgeous design I am looking forward to stitching!

Okay – enough goals – now for the fun stuff!  I have been enjoying reading the comments other stitchers and knitters have left.  Altho I don’t always have time to reply to everything, your comments really brighten my day!  So here it is – the person who posts the 150th comment will receive a bit of stash – fabric, fibers, charts or knitting goodies – whatever works best!  I will let the lucky poster know when they have won.

The Last Finishes of 2007 …….. and the First of 2008

112_1239_r11.jpg This is the last of my tree ornaments for 2007 – check out my webshots album if you would like to see the whole collection!  This lovely piece came from a freebie by KissyCross –

112_1244.jpg  and these were designed by JBW – the French Country and Nordic mittens.  I finished them as flat mittens and added a string – many thanks to Susan N for loaning me a chart and letting me finish her mittens the same way!

112_1240_r1.jpg Rather than following a theme for ornaments this year, I have decided to stitch whatever strikes my fancy.  Can you tell this is a Dragon Dreams ornament?  Santa’s Unexpected Gift is in the 2006 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue.

112_1242_r11.jpg And this beauty is by Blackbird Designs in the 2004 JCS ornament issue. Rachel chose this one for our ornament RR – and I love how it turned out stitched over one.   Thanks Rachel!

Did someone say socks??

All thru November and December I was obsessed – yes, obsessed! – with knitting socks!  Not big socks tho – just little socks.  Many, many, many little socks!!

 It all started with odds and ends of sock knitting yarn – Opal, Regia, who knows what else.  I looked at these little balls and bits and thought – SOCKS!!  Little pairs of socks……. even a little hat.  And then, when the balls were even smaller – but still too big to throw out – I thought….. littler socks!  socks to hang on my tree!  ornament socks!  And these were so cute that they lead to other ornament socks.  Hey – any sock you can knit and finish in an hour – that does not have to match another sock – that uses up those tiny little balls until they are all gone – and that are sooooo cute when they are finished????  How could I resist.  So all thru December, thru Christmas, thru the drive to my mom’s and back, I knit little socks.  Pairs when there was enough yarn, ornie socks when there was not enough for two.  And then I gave them away – my mom ended up with 6 for the elves that must accompany Santa – I do hope they are not of the house elf variety that is freed when given clothing – a couple for teachers, one to my SIL.

 Here are the ones still here at my house:

 Am I done knitting socks??  Somehow, I don’t think so.  I have been busy stitching the past few evenings, but my yarn and needles are close by, ready for the next time the urge hits!