Strawberries, anyone?

110_1061.jpg Susan asked if I could sew her some strawberries – and these berries are the result!  Don’t they look delicious?  The largest ones are 5 and 6 inches tall, and the wee one is about 2.5 inches.  I almost hated to put them in the mail to her today!  I will have to sew some for myself to satisfy my own sweet tooth!

110_1062.jpg110_1063-in-out-2.jpg  This is the rest of the finishing work I just completed for Susan.  She does such gorgeous over one stitching – I love how the ornaments turn out!  The needlebooks are particularly lovely – thanks again Susan for having me do your gorgeous things!

 This is the view of the wildflower meadow in my front yard.  Four or five years ago I began covering up the grass and seeded a prairie meadow.  I am amazed at how well it has come in this year – you can see grasses, wild daisies, and some giardilla in the last pic, and a domestic border near the sidewalk in the first two pics.  The rocks have come from the field outside our back yard, and from my Mom’s place in BC.  In another week or two the prairie coneflowers will be blooming, along with more flax and stickseed, prairie smoke and meadow rue. 


And this is the view of the field from my kitchen window, overlooking the back yard.  I am going to be very sorry when the field is finally developed – hard to imagine all that green space filled with housing.



It is Summer

and we are enjoying hot weather, sunshine, and wind!  I am hard pressed to keep up with the watering at present.  Three more school days left and then we are free for the summer – I am very much looking forward to bike rides with the kids, long days filled with time to do whatever strikes our fancy, and visits with family and friends.

 I recently finished this for my good online friend Lynn:

The large wallhanging is Mother’s Wisdom from Heart In Hand, and the small one is M Designs letter D. Mother’s Wisdom was stitched for Lynn’s niece for her graduation. I can’t think of anything more fitting when sending a young person out into the world!

I have been busy sewing for Jodi too – she received this M Designs From Me to Thee piece in a valentine exchange, and I made it into a quilted tote. The bright colors are so cheery!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

June is always such a busy month. The kids are here and there on fieldtrips, sports days, and special events….. most of which require parental involvement. I try to spend each morning in the garden keeping up with weeding and transplanting and watering, and then there are always things like grocery shopping, cooking and laundry to slow a person down. Afternoons are usually spent doing finishing work, stitching or knitting – all 2 or 3 hours that I have to myself – lol. I have been swimming again too, and that takes another hour out of the day. Having said all that – here are the ornament finishes for the past 3 months! I have stitched an ornament a month for the past 5 years, and this year’s theme is trees.

This is May’s ornie – the Drawn Thread Button Tree – I bought this chart and button pack in Victoria. I am thinking either a quilted wallhanging or a mat mounted ornament for this one.
And I love how the Heart in Hand Woodland Noel turned out for June! The colours are so rich! I subbed the reindeer charm for the silver HIH charm that was recommended.
The Prairie Schooler Winter ornie is for a Round Robin I am entering into on a Yahoo group. Each stitcher stitches the ornie of her choice, then kits up enough materials for the other stitchers in the group. On mailing date, each stitcher mails her package to the next person on the mailing list, who then stitches the same ornie, and then mails the remainder of the supplies to the next person. Should be a fun thing to do over the summer and fall.

My Mother’s Shawl

is all finished! I know that she will love it, but do you think she will actually wear it??
The first pic shows the shawl as it came off the needles – I love the ripple effect at the top of the diamonds. After pinning and blocking, the shawl lost most of the ripple – just a hint left. The last pic is a detail shot so you can see the edging.

This is knit from a Bouquet Salem cone yarn in 70% acrylic and 30% wool.

 The consensus for the next shawl is the cherry leaf pattern!  Thanks to all my yahoo group friends for their input!

Decisions, decisions!

I finished knitting on my mom’s shawl last night – pics will be up as soon as it is blocked and pinned 🙂  So now I must decide what to knit on next!  Do you remember this gorgoeus silk and wool laceweight yarn I bought in Victoria?
I have been itching to start knitting with it, and now must decide between these two patterns.  The first is the Wing o the Moth shawl designed by Anne Hanson of  Isn’t it gorgeous?
And this one is a Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. I am leaning toward this one because it is a simpler pattern that will show off the yarn.

I also have an alternate cone yarn for the Wing o the Moth – so now I just have to decide which to knit first!!

I have been remiss in posting a pic of another gorgeous birthday gift. Leigh stitched this delightful dragon for me – and made the lovely crystal scissors fob too!1-leighs-gift.jpg

I haven’t shown it to my son yet – I am afraid I might lose it to him!  Thanks again Leigh for the gorgeous stitching and the scissors and fob, and the gift certificate too!  It was lovely to receive a gift in May when I needed a little pick me up!