Congrats Kathy A

on leaving the 500th comment on my blog!  You have won a free ornament finish.  Pick out an ornie, pop it into the mail, we can discuss what type of finish you would like!

Mad About Harry!

and now for something very different from my usual posts – may I present the Harry Potter puppet pal that my darling daughter made for school?  She sewed the puppet body in class, and had a blast sewing on his hair and dressing him up at home!
From his spellotaped robe to his twig wand, Harry is simply magical!

And don’t you love his classic messy hair?


Time Marches On!

right into April – altho given the snow falling outside as I type, it looks more like November!  The great winter continues.

One thing about all the nasty weather is that it provides loads of stitching time.  March’s SAL pieces were all finished by the 3rd week:

Oakhaven Designs Owl SAL 2011

Grilles par Maryse March installment and

Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler.  This was a very full block, and I was very happy to finish up with the house!

That left a good 9 days to work on the next block of my Chatelaine Waterlily Quilt piece, and I was delighted to do the beading on March 31st!

Now that I have stitched 2 blocks this year, I think I can move this piece into the WIP, rather than UFO, category!