Misty Morning Shawl

I cast on for this piece back in June of 2009, using a 2 ply wool blend lace weight from a cone I bought at a yard sale.   After a short while, it looked like this:


I knit diligently away, and by September had finished the large back triangle.  At this point, real life and a number of other knitting projects intruded, and this piece sat in my basket, patiently waiting.  In a moment of finishititis, I picked it up again in January, and knit the two front triangles.  There were a few harrowing moments of kitchener stitching the two front triangles to the back triangle, and then the journey through the borders began.  Not one, not two, but three separate borders were picked up and knit.

Finally, at the end of June of this year, just a year and two weeks after I cast on, I cast off the final stitches on the final border, and set about blocking the shawl.

      You can see that this is really a large square shawl, with a split for the neck, but I blocked it in the shape shown.  When it was finally unpinned and allowed to relax, the shawl became a lovely soft web of fine wool, that I am absolutely delighted with!


and the details:

Misty Morning Shawl pattern by Sharon Winsauer, available at http://www.thealpacayarnco.com/

knit on 2.5 mm bamboo circular needles

with 2 ply wool blend Tamm cone yarn