Suprise winners!

Congratulations to Lynne Mc on being the first person to comment after the 22000 hit on my blog, and to Dottie K for posting the 450th comment!  You have both won a free ornament finish!! So send me a stitched but not finished ornament, and we can discuss the type of finish you would like for it.  I will happily do the finish, and pop it back into the mail for you!  You are both still in the running for the 100th post giveaway.

Thanks to everyone for reading and leaving a message!   There will be more surprise winners as this year goes on!!


A Year of Monthly SALs!

2011 seems to be shaping up as a year of stitching on once a month projects!  In addition to the christmas and halloween ornaments, I have become involved in a number of SAL type projects!  Hmmmmm…… I don’t think I had planned on doing this in 2011, but it seems to have evolved on its own.  While I am not comfortable with the idea of a Crazy January – start 15 projects – one a day type thing, it seems I can do this!

I jumped in on the SAL going on at the Oakhaven Yahoo group – take one look at this lovely little fellow and tell me that it was wise:
Tonia’s design was just too cute to resist – and it gave me a chance to use this piece of Fairy’s Eve in Belfast linen dyed by Sugar Maple Fabrics that has been waiting patiently in my stash!

I signed up for the monthly SAL at Maryse’s website too – check it out here: Note that this is not a free SAL, but the price is a very reasonable 10 euros.

I am stitching this one on 32 ct waterlily linen from Wichelt!

I am also busy stitching on the Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler – only 5 parts to this one, but I hope to do a part a month.  Some lovely stitchers on another yahoo group are stitching along with me:

I was taken with this one when I saw it on Danielle’s blog was lucky enough to have a friend loan me the charts.

Just this past week another online friend talked me into stitching The Cricket Collection mittens!  Vicki Hastings has put out so many different mitten designs that it was hard to choose one to start with, but I have just finished stitching her S’mores freebie from 2007 : Look for this year’s freebie mitten at I hope to have a great collection of mittens for my ornament tree this year!

Well, as if all this was not enough to keep me busy, I have just pulled out my Waterlily quilt by Chatelaine – my only UFO – and hope to get in a little stitching before February rolls in!  LOL – too many projects, too little time!  So what are you working on this year?

p.s. – only a few more days til the 100th post giveaway ends!  Scroll down and leave a comment to enter!

One Hundreth Post!!

According to my blog stats, this is post # 100 on this blog!  Who would have thunk it??  There have been 427 comments to date – let’s see if we can up that total by having a little comments based giveaway in celebration!  I have assembled a bundle of goodies – some charts, a variety of  fibers and fabric (4 pieces of 7 count klostern, a pkg of Sugar Maple linen, and a piece of white linen) that I will mail out to one lucky person who leaves a comment ON THIS POST ONLY before the end of the month.  Who knows what other goodies I may squeeze in the envelope?

So you have 9 days to get your comment in 🙂  Be sure to check back on February 1st for the winner – you will need to email me with your address to receive your prize package!

2011 Stitching Goals, and January ornaments

Many thanks for all the comments so far this year! I do love to hear from you!

My stitching goals for 2011 are relatively simple, and incorporate the ‘Get To It’ concept I mentioned last post:
– stitch a Christmas ornament each month
– stitch a Halloween ornament each month
– work on my UFO – Chatelaine’s Waterlily Quilt
– stitch at least 2 kits this year
– stitch some Blackbird Designs
– just get to some of the designs that are in my ‘stitch this soon’ pile
and do the finishing work on at least one item from my ‘all done stitching’ box every month – just get to it!

I am participating in a Christmas Ornament and a Halloween Ornament exchange on a great Yahoo group this year, so the first two goals should be relatively easy to accomplish – as long as I actually get the stitching done! I will start stitching exchange pieces next month. This month’s Christmas ornament was in my ‘stitch this soon’ pile all of last year, and I finally got to it! This is a Christmas Charmer by Lorri Birmingham – Santa’s Birdhouse.  Stitched on 28 ct linen, using DMC:

I have another 3 of these little stockings that I hope to finish this year.

My Halloween ornament for this month is Blackbird Designs Black Cat – stitched over 1 on 30 ct Pumpkin Spice Java by R&R Reproductions. The fabric is very stiff, which made stitching easy, but finishing was a bit harder than it needed to be!
By the end of the year, this ornament tree should be full!

A Late Start to 2011

My plan was that 2011 would be a ‘Get To It’ year – you know, get to all those projects and ideas that you talk about, think about, obsess about, plan….. but never do!  After spending the last few days of 2010 organizing and sorting things out, I hoped to slide into 2011 with a week of finishing the last bits and pieces of work from 2010, and then picking up and zooming!  Well, afraid not!  I was felled by a nasty sinus/chest infection that laid me low for more than a week – so I am officially stating that my 2011 New Year was yesterday – January 10th!!!

One of the projects that was a left over was another Dorota wrap – you know, the designer who envisions all those lovely cables, twists and turns, and then makes magic with her charts.  I spent most of my knitting time in December cabling away on her Celtic Shawl with Roses … and was left with the finishing up when I became sick.  Once I was mobile again, I spent a day fringing and sewing on the embellishments,  It went rather like this (pardon the pics – the sky was too cloudy):

I knit up 14 roses, and cut 318 12 inch lengths of wool and then pulled thru a group of 3 lengths into every second stitch along the edge Rather than leave the fringe long and loose, I wanted a more sophisticated look, so I split each group of 6 ends, pulled 3 from the first group and 3 from the second, and tied an overhand knot, like so
Several hours and many many lengths of wool later, the fringe was complete! I sewed 7 roses along each end, and voila – my first knitted finish of 2011!

And the details:
Designer: Dorota Kowalczyk – here is her Ravelry link
Pattern: Celtic Shawl with Roses
Yarn: Schoeller & Stahl Limbo Superwash, 100% wool 9 skeins or 1233 yards
Needles: 4 mm size 100 cm length cable needles
Start date: Dec. 14, 2010
Completed date: Jan. 5, 2011

As beautiful as Dorota’s cable patterns are, it is her embellishments that add the finishing touch!

And Finally, the Finishing Work WrapUp 2010

I have had a few requests to show the finishing work I completed this past year – you know who you are!!  LOL!  Without further ado, here are the fabulous pieces that stitchers from around the world sent to have finished:

Isn’t that a lovely collection!  Many thanks to everyone who sent their wonderful stitching!

And Now, The Knitting of 2010

2010 was a busy year for knitting too!  There were socks from tiny to large and a pair of felted clogs:

and there were a variety of shawls, from lacey to bulky weight – some of these have detail pics too:

I must not forget the scarves of 2010:

and another in the same pattern but different wool

and finally, to round out the lot, how about a couple of knitted toys? 

With any luck, my needles will be just as busy in 2011!

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