Merry Christmas to All

The Christmas Tree…..

the kid’s ornament trees….

my new sock ornament tree….

Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and all the very best in 2008!


The Nutcracker Ballet

3 months of 45 minute weekly classes

12 timbits

3 costume adjustments

2  3 hour rehearsals

2  4 hour dress rehearsals

6 early arrivals at the theatre

8 sessions of putting hair in ballet bun

17 hours in the dressing room

30 minutes on stage

6 performances before sold out audiences

one bouquet

equals one happy Russian Dancer!


Mom’s ballet knitting?
5 scarves – only 3 shown here
2 pairs toddler socks
3 teenie ornament socks
2/3 mobeus capelet – not shown

edited to add pics of one missing scarf and the completed mobeus wrap!

Found Treasure

I have always firmly believed in recycling and re-using  – bottles, paper, cardboard, plastics all go in the bins, toys and clothes are passed along to friends who have younger or smaller kids, books often make the trip home to my mom, and all the other still usable things that no one I know can use go to the various thrift stores here in town. And quite often, things come back home with us too. I have had the good fortune to find wonderful books for myself and the kids, fabrics, sometimes clothing and the odd stitching chart or kit I could not leave behind. I recently had the good fortune of finding a new small Sudberry rectangular tray – complete with glass, no less!

I was particularly delighted to find this this past week:

a complete kit for a sweater – all the way from Scotland! There are 6 1/2 skeins of pure shetland wool, a preknit yoke, buttons and chart – the whole thing in the original plastic tote. And for good measure, the dear soul who donated it had also bought the circular needles needed to knit it up.  The needles were still in the original Eatons bag with a handwritten receipt. So that must make this 20 or 30 years old??  Ready to guess the price for this treasure???  Would you believe….. $1.49???  Even if I never knit the sweater – or anything else with the yarn – I have surely had that many $ worth of pleasure just bringing it home.

 I do have a number of finishes, but most involve christmas gifts so will not be making appearances til the new year.  My christmas painting was a pleasure this year and all the must do pieces are done!  I have scarves to send out in parcels, some stitched pieces to go to special friends, and just need to sit down and get my cards written up and I am ready for a post office trip.  Good thing too – this next week will be eaten up with ballet rehearsals and performances.  DD is dancing in 6 performances of the Nutcracker – matinees and evening performances on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!  She is delighted and enthusiastic, and I am delighted we can give her this opportunity.  It will mean lots of knitting gets done this week!

 Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed about my Cherry Leaf Shawl – your kind words are greatly appreciated.