Hurray for a cool down!

Aug and Sept to date have been long hot months, but that is no surprise to most of you in the US and Western Canada.  So I can now say Hurray for a warm ‘seasonal’ temperature day!  With the kids back in school and the yardwork mostly caught up, I finally have time to sit and write!

How about a quick knitting update?  This summer was a productive one – have a peek:

  These are Twisted Socks by Jodie Lucas, and I love both the cross over a the toe and the fit!  The yarn was gorgeous too – a merino superwash from Rocketyarn on Etsy.

This beauty is Cobble by Kitman Figeuroa done in Austermann Step sock yarn.  Can you see the yarn floats in the closeup of the edge?  Perfect for our fall weather to come!

There were more socks for my DH and a pair of felted clogs for my brother – quick projects!

This cape is from Susan Pandorf.  She is doing a series based on The Lord of the Rings – and this is Lothlorien!  Lots of twisty cabled goodness here – all from a $3 cone of wool I found at a thrift store.  I love the frog closures!

For a change of pace, I spent a weekend knitting this beret or slouch hat – Day’s Eye Hat by Kristen Cordozo, knit with a Briggs and Little wool.

and these gorgeous socks are from Luise O’Neill of Sputh Mountain Naturally  Her charts and directions are meticulously written and a real pleasure to knit – I will be doing more of her designs in the future.  The Whitney Pier socks were knit with a merino superwash from Amazing Grace Farms on Etsy!

So how was that for a hot summer’s knitting?


And Now, The Knitting of 2010

2010 was a busy year for knitting too!  There were socks from tiny to large and a pair of felted clogs:

and there were a variety of shawls, from lacey to bulky weight – some of these have detail pics too:

I must not forget the scarves of 2010:

and another in the same pattern but different wool

and finally, to round out the lot, how about a couple of knitted toys? 

With any luck, my needles will be just as busy in 2011!

A New Look

it was time for a little spring cleaning here, so I made a few changes!  Hopefully this will prompt me to post a bit more often.

April flew by with Easter break, a trip to Grandma’s house, and early yard cleanup.  I promised a knitting update back in March, so here we go!

        This beauty is Luscious Lacy scarf by Gina Macris, and I knit it for a good friend’s birthday in February.  The yarn is Nyoni by Fleece Artist, in the Morgana colorway.  What a lovely definition this yarn has!

Next up off the needles was another pair of felted clogs I knit for my oldest brother.  His feet get cold on their new tile floor!  And yes, I used the  Bev Galeskas felted clog pattern again. 

A stitching friend and I joined up for a KAL, or knit along, of the Dragonscales scarf – otherwise known as the Choke silk garden scarf by Ailsa Daly.  I knit this using one ball of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn that Cheryl gave me, and I adore the colors!   

My last knitting finish for March was a pair of basic k2p2 rib socks, following Ann Budd’s basic sock recipe.  I used a couple skeins of Regia Bamboo for these, and I love how soft the knitted fabric is!    When I finished these socks, I just had to use up the bit of yarn remaining, so I made these anklet socks too

    using the Impressionist sock pattern by Closca de nou.  I have loved this pattern since I first spied it on Ravelry!  I found the picot edge the pattern calls for a bit too loose and heavy, so changed it to a simple k2p2 rib that fit a lot better.

And finally, I ventured into toy making with this little guy…. here is Slash, named for the Guns n Roses guitarist!  The colorway is Rock n Roll (now does it make sense??) in Wildfoote Luxury sock yarn, and the pattern is a freebie available here:  I changed the hat to include the i-cord curl, and changed the scarf to a k2p2 rib to match the hatband.  This one was a request by my DS!


Felting and More Felting

The knitting on big needles continues, and now DS has a new pair of felted clogs to keep his toes warm.  Can you stand to see more pics?IMG_0185  IMG_0196 

I used up some of the wool leftovers making him a cozy for his ipod,   IMG_0194-1  IMG_0195  and then a small felted bag….. not sure yet who will receive this one. IMG_0200-1  IMG_0203-1  I inserted a can of beans while the felt was still wet to give it this round shape.  I have plans for a few larger bags and totes in the new year.

So Much for Fall

 we are having winter today – snow and ice and cloudy skies abound.  Seems like just two weeks ago we were having 34 degree C days and sunshine!  All of this gloomy cold weather has helped out with the handiwork, as being outside is not a pleasure at all! 

IMG_0142 IMG_0143 This is the last little bit of autumn left in the house – loads of cherry tomatoes of the sunsugar variety – tasty little bits of tomato candy! 

and of course, there is the pumpkin my DD picked out after completing  the Run For the Pumpkins run last weekend:

IMG_0146  IMG_0151  It was cold then too!

All this cold weather made DH’s wish for felted slippers a priority – so here they are:

IMG_0155 IMG_0156  IMG_0157  It always amuses me no end that those big boats felt down to normal feet size in the washer!  I did add a leather sole, so I am hoping these slippers will last the winter.  For those who need details – the yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman Wool, and the pattern is  Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas

 Next on the needles is a pair for DS, and then a pair for DD as well.  Stay safe and warm everyone!

A Swift Kick??

Anyone have a swift kick to spare? I could certainly use one! March was a hurry up and wait month – waiting for an offer for the job DH applied for to arrive, waiting for an appraisal on our house, waiting to make the decision as to whether we would move or stay, waiting for the weather to improve so I could get out in the yard, waiting, waiting, waiting………
Well, the waiting is over! The offer came in and was a good one, but not good enough, so here we stay. The appraisal was unnecessary after all, but included some good information, and some areas where we need to do some work. All that decluttering for nothing!!! LOL The weather is much nicer, the tree and shrub pruning is done, and the spring cleanup type yardwork is finished. There are crocuses blooming, and the daffodils, tulips and irises are making their presence known.

The kids and I had a lovely trip to BC to stay with my Mom over Easter – look, pics to prove it!

I did manage to complete some knitting while we were away.  This is a prayer shawl knit with Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington colorway.  Since I am not at all religious, I think I will call it a comfort shawl – it is the perfect weight to wear on a chilly spring morning or evening, and is thick and comfy.

These socks are knit with JLSalvia yarn using Nancy Bush’s basic sock recipe from Folk Socks.  I do have some toddler socks and ornie socks made up too – but have a few more ornie socks to make to use up the rest of the ball, so that will wait.

A while back I posted pics of the lovely scissors fobs that Jodi sent me in our exchange, and since Rachel has now received her package from me, here are the pics!  I stitched Just Nan’s Beaded Rose over one on mint green Belfast for her, stitched it into a tiny biscornu, and found a cute pair of pink scissors to match.  I added in the beads so Rachel can make some beaded fobs – she does gorgeous beading.

Finally, here are progress pics on the Giggles in the Snow girl wip, and on the Honor Thy Needle pyramid etui SAL piece.


Oh, and before I forget – a pair of felted clog slippers for my DS – who was feeling a bit left out when his dad and sister had them and he did not!

And that swift kick?  I need one to get going on stitching and finishing work!  Since our return from BC, and all the yard work, and all the waiting, my stitching and finishing has been largely ignored.  Time to get moving on it again!

13 years ago

last Thursday, DH and I were married in the apartment we were living in in London Ontario.  Two close friends were our witnesses, as was our cat, as the Justice of the Peace conducted the ceremony and we spoke the vows we had written.  I remember that day as being one of the three happiest of my life – the other two were the days I gave birth to our two children.  Thirteen years, 4 moves, some illness, a little heart ache, and  lots of laughter later, here we are, still together, still trying every day to be kind to each other and to make life just a little easier.

The traditional gift for the 13th anniversary is lace. DH is a very smart man, and agreed that lace weight yarn qualifies! So I steered him toward Yarn Chef on Etsy, and he purchased Twinkle – and aren’t those skeins just gorgeous? He also bought 3 waterlily silks, and lots of wonderful dark Callebaut chocolate. I think I am well and truly spoiled 🙂


In turn, I bought him a golf magazine and stretched the definition of lace a bit and made him a pair of felted slippers. I always think the before and after felting pics are a hoot!

Along with a homemade cake and take out Chinese…… I could not have asked for more.  I look forward to the next 13 years!

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