Stitching 2014

I must admit that there was not much stitching going on this past year.  I started out with a little set of hedgehog ornaments, and then fizzled out during the summer months.  But things picked up in the fall when I started Dimples Designs Shall We Dance – I have wanted to stitch this piece forever, and am so glad that I finally picked it up!  I subbed beads for the stitched ‘fairy dust’ that swirls around the fairy and hummer, as the stitches did not show against the colored fabric.  I am delighted with how it turned out – my first finish of 2015, done Jan. 2nd.

IMG_5465 IMG_5466 IMG_5467 IMG_5468 IMG_5471 IMG_5472


I was lucky enough to borrow a chart in the fall – this one is from BH&G Holiday Crafts Fall 1998 – and so made short work of stitching Cats and Moon – on black cashel, no less!

IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314

The pattern called for the word BOO to be written up both sides – I think I will design a spooky grey tree instead.  So this one is done, but not yet done as we go into 2015.

I rushed to get a few more ornaments done for my own collection and for the kids before Christmas arrived, and here are the results:

IMG_5398 IMG_5428

And that is the total of stitching for 2014.  My goal for the coming year is to stitch a bit every day – so far, so good!


Hats and Mittens and Everything Else!

Most of the hats and mittens pictured were for the Charity Hat/Mitten/Scarf tree I mentioned earlier, altho a few were special requests from family and friends. The baby and toddler items were just too adorable to resist, and are tucked away for a time when they are needed.  And that sums up the 2014 knitting!


Did Someone Ask About Socks?

why yes, of course I was busy knitting socks this past year!  I have worn my own handknit socks for the past 3 winters, so my sock drawer needs to be full.  And yes, some of these went to special people as well, and the Wee Little Elf Socks at the end of the pics were for the Christmas tree 🙂

IMG_4231 IMG_4278 IMG_4334 IMG_4404 IMG_4540 IMG_4568 IMG_4748 IMG_4793 IMG_4936 IMG_5241 IMG_5316 IMG_5452 IMG_5459 IMG_5384 IMG_5402 IMG_5422

Let’s Begin with a Knitting Update

according to my KnitMeter, I have knit 10.5 miles in 2014!  Which means there was lots and lots of wooly goodness 🙂  Here are the shawls, wraps, scarves, cowls and a lovely cabled blanket.  Many of these became gifts for special friends or family members, while others were for the Charity Mitten/Hat/Scarf tree at the local Library branch that hosts the Saturday Knitting group.

IMG_4106 IMG_4145IMG_4253 IMG_4221 IMG_4247 IMG_4290  IMG_4366 IMG_4478 IMG_4546 IMG_4668 IMG_4976 IMG_5369 IMG_5420 IMG_5430 IMG_5438

oh my…..

it is very dusty in here – cough, cough. Time to open up a window, tidy up, and get this blog started again! Stay tuned for more posts in the New Year!

And Then There is Knitting

after all the madness of christmas gift knitting, I have been taking it a bit easier in January.  There are knitting finishes tho – how about a couple pairs of warm felted slippers to keep winter chills away?  I have modified this pattern to fit the feet I knit for, added an extra wooly sole, and then sewed on a leather sole so the slippers last longer!  

IMG_4136  Here is the second pair for my oldest brother:

IMG_4137  Hmmm, now that is a bit of an odd angle!  Just lean over to the left, a bit more, a bit more – there, now they are straight 😉

For eye candy I offer this crescent shaped shawl designed by Luise of Impeccable Knits – be sure to check out the group on Ravelry.  This is Southwind, and since the colorway is called Midwinter, I have dubbed it my Midwinter Southwind.  Creative, aren’t I?  IMG_4143  IMG_4144  IMG_4149  We had a sunset in just these shades of blue and purple the other evening!  

Loose Ends from 2013, and Finishes in January

I spent most of 2013 working through a series of Santa ornaments from a kit by Donna Vermillion Gampian – and here are the 7 (of 9) that I liked and stitched:


In the last week of December, I also finished these lovely ornaments that I found stitched at a thrift store – Penguin Parade by Kym Bowles:

IMG_4057  I had planned on making a 2 x 3 quilted wallhanging, but the sideways ornament threw me off!  Aren’t they cute?

The stitching mojo has continued into January – I finished I Heart Halloween by Mill Hill in the first week:

IMG_4104  This is the first Mill Hill kit I have stitched and beaded, and I rather enjoyed it.  I backed it with felt.  And finally, I am trying to stitch up some of my accumulation of kits – this is Candlelight Noel, a Dimensions Gold ornament kit:

IMG_4116  Loads of backstitching, french knots, and other fiddly stuff in this piece!  I am also working on Maryse’s 2014 SAL – details are here on her blog:

and I will show it off when I have a few more parts stitched. 

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