Wasn’t I Lucky?

If you are a regular reader of The Musk Ox – Qiviut Blog http://www.theqiviutblog.blogspot.ca/ you will know that she hosts regular giveaways.  At the end of May, I was the very lucky winner of this lovely assortment of woolen goodness:

100_0070  This months giveaway is for the lot above 275 grams in 2 & 4 ply’s sweetly soft. The mill ends are blends of qiviut/merino and qiviut/angora rabbit, some little skeins of pure qiviut all from the bobbin ends that we spin almost daily.

Upon receiving the package, I quickly wound the skeins into this:


and then got busy, and knit this semi-circular shawl in the classic Feather and Fan pattern, using every last yard of all the lovely yarns:

IMG_3571  IMG_3574

Now I think I should go buy some lottery tickets!

It’s a Mitten Knitting Year!

I knit with a great group of ladies every Saturday afternoon at our local library branch.  Each year the Library puts up a mitten donation tree – and this year a number of us are knitting mittens for kids who need them.  Check out the mittens I have finished:

IMG_3375 IMG_3440 IMG_3399-001 IMG_3436 IMG_3439  I hope to donate 12 pairs this year, and if the other knitters add their own mitten dozens, that tree should be full this fall!

IMG_3312   IMG_3290-001 IMG_3292    There has been other knitting as well – this is the Lila Shawl designed by Gillie Parsons, knit in Drooling over Yarn’s Merino Fingering.  I love the crescent shape and the gorgeous lace border!

IMG_3419 And this little sweetheart with matching hat is the Opal Sock Bunny by Susan Anderson, knit here in Patons Kroy sock yarn in Sweet Stripes.  She will be going to a friend for a new granddaughter later this summer!  At this point, one can only dream of summer.  March has been cold and snowy, with many dreary cloudy days.

Finally,  I have added a lovely damask tablecloth fabric IMG_3427 to my Stash for Sale page.  Scroll down and check out all the details 🙂

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot

like a Christmas SAL!  Many thanks to Carole at  http://novalee02.over-blog.com/ for her lovely creation!  There are only a few more charts to come, and this one will be done.

  I am thinking of finishing it as a quilted wallhanging.   I must decide what to add in between the bows.  I finished this shawl as well -# 28 Lace Shawl from Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2012 issue.  I am calling it my Indigo Blues Shawl – lol – a much more glamorous name!

We have had just enough time since the last snowfall to put away lawn chairs and garden hoses, and to sew the seeds that like to be in the ground over the winter.  The only thing left undone before today’s snow and cold are the leaves that gather under the carport.  My daughter and I have loved the shapes produced by the swirling wind.  Check out the latest creation:

   Anyone else see an alpaca here?

A Late Start to 2011

My plan was that 2011 would be a ‘Get To It’ year – you know, get to all those projects and ideas that you talk about, think about, obsess about, plan….. but never do!  After spending the last few days of 2010 organizing and sorting things out, I hoped to slide into 2011 with a week of finishing the last bits and pieces of work from 2010, and then picking up and zooming!  Well, afraid not!  I was felled by a nasty sinus/chest infection that laid me low for more than a week – so I am officially stating that my 2011 New Year was yesterday – January 10th!!!

One of the projects that was a left over was another Dorota wrap – you know, the designer who envisions all those lovely cables, twists and turns, and then makes magic with her charts.  I spent most of my knitting time in December cabling away on her Celtic Shawl with Roses … and was left with the finishing up when I became sick.  Once I was mobile again, I spent a day fringing and sewing on the embellishments,  It went rather like this (pardon the pics – the sky was too cloudy):

I knit up 14 roses, and cut 318 12 inch lengths of wool and then pulled thru a group of 3 lengths into every second stitch along the edge Rather than leave the fringe long and loose, I wanted a more sophisticated look, so I split each group of 6 ends, pulled 3 from the first group and 3 from the second, and tied an overhand knot, like so
Several hours and many many lengths of wool later, the fringe was complete! I sewed 7 roses along each end, and voila – my first knitted finish of 2011!

And the details:
Designer: Dorota Kowalczyk – here is her Ravelry link http://www.ravelry.com/designers/dorota-maria-kowalczyk
Pattern: Celtic Shawl with Roses
Yarn: Schoeller & Stahl Limbo Superwash, 100% wool 9 skeins or 1233 yards
Needles: 4 mm size 100 cm length cable needles
Start date: Dec. 14, 2010
Completed date: Jan. 5, 2011

As beautiful as Dorota’s cable patterns are, it is her embellishments that add the finishing touch!

And Now, The Knitting of 2010

2010 was a busy year for knitting too!  There were socks from tiny to large and a pair of felted clogs:

and there were a variety of shawls, from lacey to bulky weight – some of these have detail pics too:

I must not forget the scarves of 2010:

and another in the same pattern but different wool

and finally, to round out the lot, how about a couple of knitted toys? 

With any luck, my needles will be just as busy in 2011!

A long overdue update

September has been a busy month!  I have been working in the yard, and everyone has been adjusting to a new routine with the return to school.

Early in the month I made myself a swift – when you buy yarn in hanks, the need for a swift becomes inevitable.   I used the fabulous directions provided by Webecca in her blog:  http://webeccasays.blogspot.com/2008_04_01_archive.html   Rather than use glue, I drilled the metre sticks and used a bolt and washer type assembly.  I then put the whole thing atop an Ikea Lazy Susan that was sitting unused in a cupboard, and voila!

       One ball of Creatively Dyed Ocean sock yarn ready to be knit up. Since winding balls by hand gives me nasty cramps in my fingers, I took the plunge and ordered this lovely ball winder from Woodhouse Tools in Armstrong, BC :  http://www.woolhousetools.com/  Click on the link Making and Preparing Yarns and then scroll down a bit.  I then wound a 1260 yard hank of laceweight and learned firsthand the importance of keeping the yarn taut on those pins!  Speaking of the laceweight – it is becoming the Print O’ The Wave shawl –http://www.eunnyjang.com/knit/2005/12/print_o_the_wave_stole.html  

Take a peek:   The yarn is Aquamarine from Heritage Needleworks, and is absolutely fantastic to work with.  The subtle play of colours is simply gorgeous!

I have been working on socks – of course – and have finished a bundle of little things:

  These are sample socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  The green ones are Little Sky socks, while the red are Little Coriolis.  And these socks were all knit from the leftover yarn from my daughter’s socks

I also finished a sweater – the first one I have knit for myself in about 20 years!  This is the Chic Lace Cardi from Lanaknits Designs:    and here is the lace detail  .  The yarn is an old cotton from my stash – Fidji by Jakobsdalsgarn, and I knit with a 40 inch 4 mm circular.

Finally, just to prove I can still stitch, here is my September Ornament – Christmas Ewe by Elizabeth’s Designs, in the 2001 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.  It was stitched on 28 ct muffin glenshee using WDW and GAST. 

That wraps up September’s endeavours!

Wash Day

It is a very rainy day today – my rainbarrels are full and I have set the runoff to the street – everything will be crisp, clean and very wet tomorrow!  My first thoughts this morning were of Tom Bombadil’s wife (a lovely Tolkien character) and her wash day.  I will spend the day catching up on some chores around the house and maybe get to the pool to do some lengths – I haven’t swam in about 3 weeks – May has simply been too hectic!

I am delighted to report that my veggie garden is coming up – I am like a child – have to go check every 2 hours to see how tall the peas are and if one more zucchini has sprouted – lol.  I am tickled with how well it is doing tho – this is the first year we have put in a veggie garden and I am looking forward to fresh salads and tomatoes, and corn come the fall.  I planted asparagus this week – somehow waiting 2 years to harvest seems like a long term investment!

 Last week was a busy week for finishing things too.  I am very happy to report that my long term quilting project is on its way to its new home.  I finally made up my mind about the embellishments, sewed on the binding and a signature square, and said enough.  Pics will be up when I get word that it has arrived safely.  I spent a day making couch pillows for another online friend – these were fun to do – even tho my sewing machine was not too happy with the heavier weight of fabric.  It needs to get used to it – I have a bunch of upholstery weight totes planned for the coming month!

I should finish my mother’s shawl this week – only 4 more repeats to go and then the borders.  I am at the point where all I want to do is knit and finish it – lol – so nothing else gets done. 

Odds and Ends

It has been one of those weeks filled with lots of little things! The list includes driving not one but both kids to festivals and workshops – on different days of course! – and then spending 3 and a half hours waiting for them to test for their next belts in tae kwon do yesterday. They did very well, by the way, and we are very proud of how hard they have been working at it. DD and I visited a friend of hers in hospital – poor little thing was just diagnosed with diabetes – and then the next evening DH and I actually went out for supper together – without kids!!! – when a friend took both our kids for a playdate. Now that was a wonderful surprise 🙂 I spent one afternoon clearing out flowerbeds for our wonderful 95 yo neighbor who just cannot manage this year, and will do his back yard this coming week – if it stops snowing.


I am making progress on adding a lace edging to my shawl – just over half way done on now! I already have the next shawl planned, so cannot wait to get this one off the needles and blocked. I ended up with 840 stitches on my last rows – so that means 1680 rows of lace edging!


I have begun making up the pieces for my Peacock Chair by The Cats Whiskers Designs – looks good so far! I chose different feet so I could paint them to match the fabric – and just have to finish and stuff the arms so that I can start putting it all together. Can’t wait to have it done 🙂



And I finally started the stitching on a page from the Ackworth Token of Friendship book! I am in a RR with a lovely group of stitchers and am looking forward to stitching pages for everyone else’s book as they stitch for mine. I am working on 28 ct DMC linen in snowdrop, using Purple Haze WDW.

Finally, I am nearing the completion stages on a quilting project – just finished hand stitching the crazy quilt blocks, and am hoping to do some meander quilting this week, and then on to the embellishment stage! This is a special project for a friend from another group, so no pics til it is done! Do you think there is any hope of finishing anything before we leave for an easter holiday?? Thanks to everyone who has left comments – you have really brightened up my days!

Yesterday it was spring….

 but we had snow overnight, so we are back to winter again. The kids pulled on their boots and warm coats, and grumbled a bit as we headed out the door for school. I came back home and made bread – nothing like having the oven on to warm up the house that extra little bit! And nothing like fresh, whole grain and seed bread hot out of the oven.

That blue puddle on my stitching chair is my knitting project – I am at row 118 of Alita – a doily design by Herbert Niebling. I am limiting myself to 2 rows a day – and at over 600 stitches a row, that takes about an hour. My hope is that it will be a gorgeous shawl when I am finally done!
And finally, that is my darling daughter showing off the hat she finished last night on her knitting circle thingy – can’t for the life of me remember what it is called. Since it is rather small we decided it is a toddler hat, and she plans on giving it away to the first eligible toddler she sees!