First Snowfall

while the weather has been doing this:


I have been doing this:

and Socks were knit using Ann Budd’s Basic Sock Recipe with Patons Kroy Stripes in Burnished Sienna.

There is also this Braided Toque, from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2012: knit with 1 and a bit skeins of Patons Decor in Winter White.  And then there are these gorgeous stockings that Jana stitched and sent for finishing:

  Seems like a good way to keep warm!


WIP to UFO to FO – Oakhaven Owl SAL 2011

When last we saw the Owl SAL piece, I had stalled after stitching the June installment.  Somehow changing that hat to a Canadian version was just impossible at that time.  So it languished at this stage:

Then came the year of the WIPapocalypse, and I decided it had to get finished.  So here are:

July complete with Canadian hat

August and I backstitched his eyes in white so I could see them

September I absolutely love these leaves!

October I am enchanted by the bat and the moon


and yes, December!!

Another UFO bites the dust! 

I did double stitch the border between each owl, as the single strand got lost in the fabric color.  Now to find the perfect finish.  Thanks so much to Tonia at Oakhaven Designs!  I do think that January and October are my faves, but August is rather quirky, and I like him too!

Cheryl’s La Roserie Chair

Now this, this is something!  Designed by Janie Hubble of Cat’s Whiskers Designs – stitching by Cheryl, roses and finishing by me 🙂 Just click on it to biggify.

It has been forever….

since I did a stitching update, or so it seems!  Spring is always such a crazy busy time here – long days spent in the garden tearing out weeds, planting, revising…. add that to a recent reno project installing another small bathroom, and that leave little time for anything else!

Let’s see, where the heck was I?  How about starting with June’s ornaments? This is the Joy Stamp ornament by Jeannette Douglas, from the 2010 JCS Ornament issue:   I laced the edge to the back, rather than using a ladder stitch, to make it look a bit more like the stamp it was intended to be.

And this is a spiderweb ornie from the Halloween Ornament SAL I am in – sorry that I cannot remember the designer’s name.  I love the hand dyed fabric used for this one, and I had a lot of fun with the freeform finish! 

I have been enjoying stitching on my Les Grilles de Maryse SAL piece – here it is with April, May and June finished:

  I like how it wraps around the central area, rather than going to the left for June!

This was the fob I stitched for Juli in our birthday exchange group!  I love the ruched ribbon finish!

I really must find the time to stitch up one of these for myself!

April and May Ornaments!

April was such a busy and crazy month that I totally neglected posting here.  As a result, I have two months worth of ornaments to share today.  Here we go:

  Glow (c) Bent Creek.  Finished as a flange pillow ornament.

  Halloween (c) Grilles Par Maryse.  A freebie from 2008, quilted flat ornament finish.

  Winter White Woodland (c) Blue Ribbon Designs.  Stitched over 1, finished as a flange ornament pillow.

  Nevermore (c) Plum Street Samplers.  This lovely bird originally said ‘welcome’ but I switched it to ‘nevermore’.  Stitched over 1 and finished as a flange pillow ornament.

  And finally, this is Promise of Spring by The Cricket Collection!  I have to make up my mind which mitten I will stitch for May …. any suggestions?

Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler Finish

Hurray!!  I put my first stitch in on January 1st, and I am happy to say that today I am finished stitching this lovely piece!  The Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler is comprised of bonus charts that were included in the Loose Feathers charts 31 – 34, in 2008 and 2009.  Rather than stitching it on separate pieces and colors of linen, and then sewing the pieces together, I stitched mine on a long piece of off white Belfast linen.  I made some substitutions in the hand dyed fibers as well, as the colors within hand dyed fiber lots vary wildly.  I simply chose colors I preferred when I did not have the ones called for.

The details:

Fibers – GAST Mulberry – 2 skeins, GAST Gingersnap – 2 skeins, GAST Flax – 2 skeins, GAST Peacock – 2 skeins, GAST Shaker White – 1 skein, GAST Winter White – 1 skein, GAST Basil – 1 skein

WDW Charcoal – 2 skeins, WDW Moss – 3 skeins, WDW Olive 2 skeins,

Fabric – 32 ct Belfast linen cut 27″ by 12″

I am considering taking out the GAST Shaker White on the last panel.  It is used in the small white flowers along the top and right edge.  In the other panels, these flowers were stitched in Flax and I am thinking that I prefer that color.  What do you think?

edited to add:

I did frog out the paler color last night, and stitched the flowers again with GAST Flax.  It was worth it – I like it a lot more now!

Time Marches On!

right into April – altho given the snow falling outside as I type, it looks more like November!  The great winter continues.

One thing about all the nasty weather is that it provides loads of stitching time.  March’s SAL pieces were all finished by the 3rd week:

Oakhaven Designs Owl SAL 2011

Grilles par Maryse March installment and

Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler.  This was a very full block, and I was very happy to finish up with the house!

That left a good 9 days to work on the next block of my Chatelaine Waterlily Quilt piece, and I was delighted to do the beading on March 31st!

Now that I have stitched 2 blocks this year, I think I can move this piece into the WIP, rather than UFO, category!

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