A Long Time Coming

Way back in 2010, I was involved in a Round Robin Stitching Project with a lovely group of stitching friends.  You know how it works – I stitch on everyone else’s piece, they all stitch on mine, and every one ends up with a lovely finished project and a wonderful keepsake.  I chose to have everyone stitch their initials from the Carriage Samplings House Alphabet series, with the idea of turning it into an alphabet book (I copied the finishing idea from a wonderful stitcher in England named Karen V. – with her kind permission).  By 2012 all my pages were home, and I finished up all the little letters that still needed stitching, and last year, I got started on putting all my pages together, as a practice piece for finishing Cheryl’s book project.  Once I finished Cheryl’s book, mine sat, patiently waiting…… waiting….. waiting.

Something finally clicked this week, so I have been stitching pages together… one a day, until today, when they are suddenly, happily, all done!  I just finished threading the ribbon thru – so here it is, my Letters From Friends:


IMG_5597 IMG_5598 IMG_5599 IMG_5600

Now I need to pick out another project that needs finishing, given that I have some momentum going!


Last Stitchy Finishes for January, and a ???

Here are two pages of the Carriage House Samplings book that is one of my WIPs this year:

  Just 6 more letters to go, and this one will be all finished stitching wise!  Many thanks to all the ladies who helped out!

And here is my question – does anyone know where these designs came from?  They look like they were a UK design, given the backstitching over the legs of the stitches.  I found the pieces already stitched, so I have no idea where they originated.

  They are a bit fuzzy in the pic, but aren’t they cute??? 

edited to add:  I love the internet!  A stitching friend found them for me – these penguins were from a Dimensions kit called Penguin Parade!

January has Flown By

like yarn on my knitting needles, and floss onto fabric!  Somehow January always seems in a hurry to be done That must mean I have been busy, busy, busy!

I started the month with my Christmas Ornament – this kit was a lovely gift from a good friend, and I enjoyed both the stitching and the finishing.  Here is Christmas in Virginia – A Needle Book Ornament (c) Willing Hands Needlework Design by Betsy Morgan.

      I love the star button on the cording at the top!

Then there was the Halloween ornament for January – which doubled as a birthday gift for my DD who adores Jack Skellington.

  This pattern was given to me by a friend and is (c) KyotiJess on Etsy.  I stitched it over 1 on a 32 ct evenweave.

The last stitching finish for January is Niece by Marriage (c) The Cricket Collection – another in my line of mittens:

  The colors in this mitten really appeal to me!  I subbed a pale blue for the white mitten background, as I stitched on white evenweave.

I am making progress on the CHS alphabet book too – I have stitched 5 more letters, so there are 7 to go in this WIP!

And finally, while attempting to clear off my work table, I came across the flannel fabric that I bought 4 years ago to make a quilt for my DD.  Rather than putting it away, I spent 2 hours cutting blocks, borders and the binding.  It does not look  like much now, but I hope to finish the top this coming month.