It’s a Birthday Day

Our lovely daughter turns 16 today – and no, I am not going to embarrass her with naked baby pics, or teenager pics, but I will say that it has been an amazing thing to watch her grow into the young woman she is today.  Who knew it would be so much fun??

I have been busy with hand work, of course, and have these to show for my efforts:

IMG_5512 Hands of Blue by Lucy Hague – a fun knit that I ended up doing 3 times for 2 fingerless mitts!  My fault, not the pattern!  Knit with Paton’s Classic Wool in denim.

IMG_5511 And this little mitten ornament is from Dickens Mittens by The Cross Eyed Cricket.  I added some back stitching around the chains and used the #4 braid that I had on hand, but I think it captures Marley’s Ghost quite well.

IMG_5527 And these are the first socks of 2015 – Tomar Cable Socks by Impeccable Knits in Cascade Yarns Sporty Stripes.  This was a test knit for Luise – look for the pattern to be published later this year.

And now I must go bake a birthday cake – Blackout Chocolate Cake is on the menu today!


It has been forever….

since I did a stitching update, or so it seems!  Spring is always such a crazy busy time here – long days spent in the garden tearing out weeds, planting, revising…. add that to a recent reno project installing another small bathroom, and that leave little time for anything else!

Let’s see, where the heck was I?  How about starting with June’s ornaments? This is the Joy Stamp ornament by Jeannette Douglas, from the 2010 JCS Ornament issue:   I laced the edge to the back, rather than using a ladder stitch, to make it look a bit more like the stamp it was intended to be.

And this is a spiderweb ornie from the Halloween Ornament SAL I am in – sorry that I cannot remember the designer’s name.  I love the hand dyed fabric used for this one, and I had a lot of fun with the freeform finish! 

I have been enjoying stitching on my Les Grilles de Maryse SAL piece – here it is with April, May and June finished:

  I like how it wraps around the central area, rather than going to the left for June!

This was the fob I stitched for Juli in our birthday exchange group!  I love the ruched ribbon finish!

I really must find the time to stitch up one of these for myself!

Gotta love birthdays!

Especially when you belong to a birthday exchange group!  I was lucky to have the earliest birthday in the group back in April – just look at all the lovely things that I was given!

From Dane ( – a beautiful sock knitting bag, complete with gorgeous sock yarn and stuffed with gummies!  My kids certainly enjoyed those!   Dane sewed the bag and did a beautiful job of it!  I have used it every day since.

Juli sent a wonderful assortment of goodies.  The seeds have been planted, the bookmarks are keeping my place, and I look forward to using the fabrics and fiber too! 

Nancy stitched this lovely pinkeep, and sent some DMC to keep it company – isn’t it gorgeous? 

Cheryl’s package included some lovely sock yarn and pretty fibers too!  and needles, and the card was simply hilarious: 

and just look at the fabulous project bags that Marilynne sent – she made the card too!  I have been using these on a daily basis too! 

What a wonderful birthday month it was – many thanks to all the ladies for making my birthday month a special one!

What a month it has been!

since last I posted.  I had the pleasure of going on an overnight field trip to Drumheller –  a dinosaur lover’s paradise – with my daughter’s grade 4 class.  Check it out here:  We slept under the big t-rex skeleton …. which was guaranteed to keep a few 10 year olds up past bedtime!  Upon our return, we attended my MIL’s funeral.  Even tho her death was expected, it was still a sad occasion.  Polly made us very welcome when we moved here to Lethbridge, and her garden lives on in my garden.  Finally, our old Taurus station wagon has become undriveable – we have another broken motor mount – and so this week was spent researching and purchasing a ‘new to us’ car from a friend and neighbor.  I think we have had enough for a while now!

Let me show you the wonderful things that Gaby sent for my birthday!  I absolutely love the gorgeous biscornu and scissors fob that she made – and she remembered that my favorite color is blue!!  And do you see that lovely Opal sock yarn??  That is destined to become a pair of Viper Pilot socks   – Ravelry store link.

  117_1797 117_1798  117_1796

Gaby crocheted catnip mice too : 

117_1792 117_1794 and you can see how happy the hooligans were to be remembered!

Thanks so much Gaby for the stitching, and all the gorgeous goodies you sent along.

I finally finished my Ackworth Quaker Friendship Book – many thanks to all the ladies involved in this RR!  The linen is 28 ct Snowdrop by DMC, and the floss is Purple Haze by WDW.

  117_1799_r1  117_1800  118_1801

And finally, a knitting finish too!  This is a Leaf Lace Shawl – the pattern is in Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles.  I used 4 skeins of Wildfoote Luxury sock yarn, and added beads to the edge to give it a bit of weight.  I love how this one turned out, and am very happy that Cheryl loved it too!  She sent me a bundle of stitching things in a trade, and agreed to have a surpise knitted item in return!

117_1781  117_1779  117_1784  That teeny ball of yarn is all that is left!


Actually, many many drifts – of snow!  We have had an exceptionally windy January, and all the lovely snow that was laid down in the field has ended up in our yard – front and back.  Keep in mind that our fence is 6 feet high when you see the first two pics:

116_16543 116_16571 116_1659_r11

The kids particularly enjoyed walking up the snow drifts and stepping over the gate!  I did not enjoy all the shoveling in the front yard tho – wayyyyyy toooooo much snow!

January has been an odd month for handwork.  Between shovelling snow, being sick, having a sick computer, and working on projects that I cannot post about yet, there is not much to show.   I did finish knitting another Gryffindor scarf – this one is for DD:

116_1660_r21 and while I know one of my niece’s would dearly love a Hogwart’s scarf, it is not going to happen soon!  Way tooo much boring knitting!

My DD celebrated her 10th birthday – she is now officially in double digits!  She had a wonderful day, as she was off school, and got to go skating, help make her cupcake birthday cake, and have a friend out for sushi!  116_1666  I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown!

And on a final note, I have been tagged by Pauline

The idea here is to go to your 6th picture file and choose the 6th picture, and then tag 6 blogging friends.  Well, pickings are mightly slim in my photo files, as I had to delete all the hardware on the computer and then reload Windows.  But this is what I found:

060814-babbling-bats_big  DS is working on a book review of Sunwing, by Kenneth Oppel…. so there have been loads of bat photos floating about the computer!  And now to tag 6 friends:






and Lody

I can’t wait to see your pics and your links!


Birthdays are amazing times!  Since having cancer 3 years ago, I have really come to appreciate birthdays.  What a wonderful way to mark the passage of another year filled with living!  And this past year has been a good one – the kids have amazed me with their physical and intellectual growth, we have started decorating the house in a way that reflects who we are, I have spent time working on my physical fitness, and I have a great DH (you truly are great Dan!).  I have enjoyed the company of kith and kin, and many online friends. 

  I received lots of wonderful thoughtful presents this year! We had a delicious supper out at a local pizza place that we had not tried before.  I had the most amazing spinach and feta calzone.  When we came home there was a wonderful cake that DH and the kids had specially made at Crazy Cakes!  DH and the kids gave me A Gathering of Lace (which has so many gorgeous shawl patterns I don’t know which to start first),  the new Tolkein book, gorgeous purple laceweight yarn from Uruguay, and a Waterlily silk in Antique Rose!
gfits from family

I also belong to a birthday exchange within a Yahoo group – and I received some amazing gifts!  This package arrived from Patti – she sent some Blue Moon Socks That Rock sock yarn and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot wait to try it on the wood sock needles she sent – and look at that sock pattern!  Wow!  Patti also stitched a beautiful scissors keep and included the blue scissors – and I do love blue 🙂  Add in some rubber ends for knitting needles and I am just tickled pink!  Patti and I had been talking about the Blue Moon yarns earlier this year and I am so happy to have a skein in hand!!  Thanks Patti 🙂
prezzies from Patti

And this amazing package came from Britt!  I absolutely adore the needlecase – and the heart and  flower pins and scissors that she included!  Britt sent along two charts with loads of hearts that I cannot wait to stitch, loads of lovely Zweigart belfast linens, a stitcher’s note pad and cards.  I think I have been truly spoiled.  Thanks so much Britt!
prezzies from Britt

I had the pleasure of talking with my good friend Cindy, my mom and one of my brother’s yesterday as well, and had many emails.  What more could anyone want than to be remembered and thought of on their birthday!  Thanks again everyone!