Stitching Wrap Up 2010

and what a year it was!  Our weather was a challenge this year – drifting snow in January and February, followed by dry dry dry conditions in the spring, and then a deluge in the summer.  The best weather was in September, and October was gorgeous!  Winter arrived promptly in the middle of November, with  more snow before year’s end that I have seen in all the years we have been here!  Add in some wind and snow drifts, and bitter cold, and we have wrapped up the year.  BRRRRR
I was busy on the stitching front – lots of christmas ornaments to show for my efforts.  According to my webshots account, I have now stitched and finished an ornament a month for 8 years!  This year I added in some Halloween ornaments too – I love this new trend in the cross stitch world.

Here are the ornaments for 2010:

Each year my kids get their pick of that years ornaments, and a few get sent to special friends as well, but my collection is growing!

I had the pleasure this year of joining an RR with a group of lovely ladies, and have documented their pieces as the year went along.  As a result, I stitched on only a few of my own larger pieces.  Here they are:

Looks like it was a good year to stitch Just Nan!

Here is the project I am currently working on – hope to finish it up in January!  The companion teapot to the one I stitched a year ago:

Stay tuned for a knitting wrap up soon!

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