Busy, Busy, Busy!

June is always such a busy month. The kids are here and there on fieldtrips, sports days, and special events….. most of which require parental involvement. I try to spend each morning in the garden keeping up with weeding and transplanting and watering, and then there are always things like grocery shopping, cooking and laundry to slow a person down. Afternoons are usually spent doing finishing work, stitching or knitting – all 2 or 3 hours that I have to myself – lol. I have been swimming again too, and that takes another hour out of the day. Having said all that – here are the ornament finishes for the past 3 months! I have stitched an ornament a month for the past 5 years, and this year’s theme is trees.

This is May’s ornie – the Drawn Thread Button Tree – I bought this chart and button pack in Victoria. I am thinking either a quilted wallhanging or a mat mounted ornament for this one.
And I love how the Heart in Hand Woodland Noel turned out for June! The colours are so rich! I subbed the reindeer charm for the silver HIH charm that was recommended.
The Prairie Schooler Winter ornie is for a Round Robin I am entering into on a Yahoo group. Each stitcher stitches the ornie of her choice, then kits up enough materials for the other stitchers in the group. On mailing date, each stitcher mails her package to the next person on the mailing list, who then stitches the same ornie, and then mails the remainder of the supplies to the next person. Should be a fun thing to do over the summer and fall.


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