I’m off!

We just returned from an overnight trip to Calgary – DH had a business meeting so we tagged along.  The kids don’t like to pass up a night in a hotel with a pool and waterslide! 

 The highlight for me was stopping in at Shuttleworks http://www.shuttleworks.com/  on the way to Calgary.  The store carries an unbelieveable selection of looms, spindles, and some gorgeous yarns!  I bought this book http://www.amazon.com/Victorian-Lace-Today-Jane-Sowerby/dp/1933064072  and cannot wait to get started on some of the gorgeous shawls!

 We spent an afternoon at Chinook Mall – DD made herself a husky dog at Build a Bear – DH helped her – while DS and I hit EB Games and then Chapters. 

 We came home yesterday to glorious sunshine and found the daffodils had opened, the trees had leafed, and everything had gone green overnight.  Amazing what a little heat will do!

 I leave at 4 for Victoria, and will update on the trip when I return!  Enjoy your week – I certainly know I will enjoy mine 🙂


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