I’ve been busy

This week doing finishing work for a couple of lovely stitchers.  There is something magical about this relationship – people I have never actually met send me the product of hours of their work, and trust that I will turn it into something they really like!  Cheryl M’s beautiful pieces Renee H’s lovely ornamentsThe first pic is of pieces that Cheryl M stitched – and the second is a batch of ornaments for Renee H.  I love seeing what other stitchers stitch – and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to turn the stitched pieces into lovely works of art!  So far, everyone has been happy.  They send me more to finish, and refer me to their friends.  What more could I want?

 I have been working away on the Waterlily quilt too and have now finished up one border section.  I am stitching on 32 ct ant. white belfast, and am using Needle Necessities.  I like how it is turning out, and am looking forward to starting my first square tonight.

Waterlily quilt border I have also been knitting away on the shawl for my mother, and getting ready for a trip to Victoria BC to see a very dear friend.  I cannot believe it has been almost 5 years since we were together!  I am looking forward to talking, having tea, talking, walking to the shoreline, talking, shopping, talking, eating……. well, you get the idea!  Just 5 more sleeps 🙂


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