Birthdays are amazing times!  Since having cancer 3 years ago, I have really come to appreciate birthdays.  What a wonderful way to mark the passage of another year filled with living!  And this past year has been a good one – the kids have amazed me with their physical and intellectual growth, we have started decorating the house in a way that reflects who we are, I have spent time working on my physical fitness, and I have a great DH (you truly are great Dan!).  I have enjoyed the company of kith and kin, and many online friends. 

  I received lots of wonderful thoughtful presents this year! We had a delicious supper out at a local pizza place that we had not tried before.  I had the most amazing spinach and feta calzone.  When we came home there was a wonderful cake that DH and the kids had specially made at Crazy Cakes!  DH and the kids gave me A Gathering of Lace (which has so many gorgeous shawl patterns I don’t know which to start first),  the new Tolkein book, gorgeous purple laceweight yarn from Uruguay, and a Waterlily silk in Antique Rose!
gfits from family

I also belong to a birthday exchange within a Yahoo group – and I received some amazing gifts!  This package arrived from Patti – she sent some Blue Moon Socks That Rock sock yarn and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot wait to try it on the wood sock needles she sent – and look at that sock pattern!  Wow!  Patti also stitched a beautiful scissors keep and included the blue scissors – and I do love blue 🙂  Add in some rubber ends for knitting needles and I am just tickled pink!  Patti and I had been talking about the Blue Moon yarns earlier this year and I am so happy to have a skein in hand!!  Thanks Patti 🙂
prezzies from Patti

And this amazing package came from Britt!  I absolutely adore the needlecase – and the heart and  flower pins and scissors that she included!  Britt sent along two charts with loads of hearts that I cannot wait to stitch, loads of lovely Zweigart belfast linens, a stitcher’s note pad and cards.  I think I have been truly spoiled.  Thanks so much Britt!
prezzies from Britt

I had the pleasure of talking with my good friend Cindy, my mom and one of my brother’s yesterday as well, and had many emails.  What more could anyone want than to be remembered and thought of on their birthday!  Thanks again everyone!


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