Felted Slippers and New Starts

In between all the visiting and travelling of last week, I knit one gigantic pair of wool ankle socks, which I promptly turned into felted slippers for my DH when we returned home. Wish I had taken a ‘before’ pic, as these things were truly huge – at least 18 inches long – before I threw them into the washer! 45 minutes later and voila – slippers! Felting is something new to me – at least, intentional felting is something new to me – and I am always delighted and surprised when it actually turns out 🙂

My hands felt empty after finishing up with knitting my shawl, so I dug through my stash and found this yarn to knit this shawl for my mom. The shawl is in Knitters Spring 2001 – one of my thrift store mag finds! I am now finished 2 pattern repeats and I like the way the yarn is coming up color-wise! I hope to do a pattern repeat a day until it is finished. The yarn is a wool & acrylic blend that should block out well.

I have also begun another large stitching project – Waterlily Pond by Chatelaine Designs. I originally signed up for the online class back in 2004 but did little other than collect the patterns. I am stitching it all on one piece, using the border provided. Hopefully, by next year, my finished piece will look like this beautiful piece stitched by Debbie:


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