Loose Ends from 2013, and Finishes in January

I spent most of 2013 working through a series of Santa ornaments from a kit by Donna Vermillion Gampian – and here are the 7 (of 9) that I liked and stitched:


In the last week of December, I also finished these lovely ornaments that I found stitched at a thrift store – Penguin Parade by Kym Bowles:

IMG_4057  I had planned on making a 2 x 3 quilted wallhanging, but the sideways ornament threw me off!  Aren’t they cute?

The stitching mojo has continued into January – I finished I Heart Halloween by Mill Hill in the first week:

IMG_4104  This is the first Mill Hill kit I have stitched and beaded, and I rather enjoyed it.  I backed it with felt.  And finally, I am trying to stitch up some of my accumulation of kits – this is Candlelight Noel, a Dimensions Gold ornament kit:

IMG_4116  Loads of backstitching, french knots, and other fiddly stuff in this piece!  I am also working on Maryse’s 2014 SAL – details are here on her blog: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fgrillesdemaryse.canalblog.com%2Farchives%2F2013%2F11%2F12%2F28416954.html

and I will show it off when I have a few more parts stitched. 

Happy New Year 2014!

Please come happy dance with me!  After 6 years and 8 months of being a ufo and a wip, my Waterlily Quilt is finally finished!  I am so delighted to be done :)


















Waterlily Quilt (c) Chatelaine Designs.  Stitched on Belfast linen, using silks, beads and crystals.  Finished size is 22″ x 22″.

This New Year

started out with lots of stitching!  I caught the ornament bug early this year, and stitched up these three in quick succession:

Santa One Ornament - Jan. 2013  Santa 1 from a kit of 9 Santas by Donna Giampa

Baaa Humbug  Baaa Humbug from The Cricket Collection – stitched over 1

and Whitetail Deer ornie, Jan. 2013  Whitetail deer from Crossed Wing Collection’s Feed The Hungry!

I have also put an old piece back on the qsnaps and stitching frame – my Chatelaine’s Waterlily Quilt.  I cannot believe I started this in 2004 and still have not completed it!  My goal is to stitch every day – one stitch, 10, and 100 – doesn’t matter – just do something every day!

IMG_3295  So this is where I am starting from in 2013!  Wish me luck!

I had the pleasure of finishing Lynne Mc’s AQFB this month – loads of hand sewing in this finish – but it is so gorgeous!

IMG_3286  IMG_3287-001  IMG_3289-001  If you hear a big happy shout soon, that will be Lynne when it arrives home in the mail :)

I have been cleaning house too – just added some lovely gingham 22 ct aida by Charlescraft into the sale page – all the details are there, but here is a sneak peek:

IMG_3339  IMG_3340

Look for a knitting update in a few days!

Everybody inhale……. exhale…..

November and December are always such busy months – between my own stitching and knitting and finishing work, baking, get togethers….. it seems each day has something scheduled.  Yesterday I finished the last of my must do christmas painting, and this morning I wrote cards and mailed out packages.  I also finished the last section of my SAL with Novalee:

IMG_3184 I think I will finish it as a quilted wallhanging in the new year!  I am looking forward to doing this SAL again in the fall of 2013!

I finished my own ornaments late last week – just a pitiful few this year as I did not stitch my normal christmas and halloween ornament a month, but enough to go around:


IMG_3180  The wood christmas ornaments for my own kids and a few special others are all done – remind me to take a pic of the collections my own kids have.  Painting one a year adds up!

And of course, the knitting continues as well.  The thrum slippers are a lovely warm pattern and will be for my oldest brother, while the cabled hat is probably the warmest I have made, given that it has a knitted lining.  The socks and shawl will be heading off to some special friends who appreciate knitting!

IMG_3164  IMG_3113  IMG_3106  IMG_3105

Tomorrow my ornament tree goes up, along with our usual assortment of christmas goodness, and then the baking starts the following week.  I hope everyone else is on track with their self-imposed deadlines!  Just remember to breathe!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot

like a Christmas SAL!  Many thanks to Carole at  http://novalee02.over-blog.com/ for her lovely creation!  There are only a few more charts to come, and this one will be done.

  I am thinking of finishing it as a quilted wallhanging.   I must decide what to add in between the bows.  I finished this shawl as well -# 28 Lace Shawl from Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2012 issue.  I am calling it my Indigo Blues Shawl – lol – a much more glamorous name!

We have had just enough time since the last snowfall to put away lawn chairs and garden hoses, and to sew the seeds that like to be in the ground over the winter.  The only thing left undone before today’s snow and cold are the leaves that gather under the carport.  My daughter and I have loved the shapes produced by the swirling wind.  Check out the latest creation:

   Anyone else see an alpaca here?

First Snowfall

while the weather has been doing this:


I have been doing this:

and Socks were knit using Ann Budd’s Basic Sock Recipe with Patons Kroy Stripes in Burnished Sienna.

There is also this Braided Toque, from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2012: knit with 1 and a bit skeins of Patons Decor in Winter White.  And then there are these gorgeous stockings that Jana stitched and sent for finishing:

  Seems like a good way to keep warm!

WIP to UFO to FO – Oakhaven Owl SAL 2011

When last we saw the Owl SAL piece, I had stalled after stitching the June installment.  Somehow changing that hat to a Canadian version was just impossible at that time.  So it languished at this stage:

Then came the year of the WIPapocalypse, and I decided it had to get finished.  So here are:

July complete with Canadian hat

August and I backstitched his eyes in white so I could see them

September I absolutely love these leaves!

October I am enchanted by the bat and the moon


and yes, December!!

Another UFO bites the dust! 

I did double stitch the border between each owl, as the single strand got lost in the fabric color.  Now to find the perfect finish.  Thanks so much to Tonia at Oakhaven Designs!  I do think that January and October are my faves, but August is rather quirky, and I like him too!

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